GES GROUP’s agriculture arm includes the ownership of interests in farms that are concentrated primarily in central and southern Bohemia.

ZOD 11. KVĚTEN – a traditional farming company operating out of the small town of Milín, specialises in crop and livestock production on almost 2,500 ha of land. It has subsidiaries for plant-based bioproduction and electricity generation at two biogas plants. It uses waste heat from the Smolotely biogas plant to breed African catfish.

Agro Chvalešovice is a small-scale farm operating in and around the south Bohemian village of Chvalešovice. Jointly owned with a family of local farmers, it produces crops on 250 ha of land and is based in a listed 16th-century fort.

AGRINO is an agricultural holding in Oldřichov, near Mladá Vožice, that farms 1,200 ha of land. Besides its main focus on crop production, it also engages in livestock production by fattening bulls.