GES GROUP’s Industry arm invests in companies from various industrial sectors, including new industries.

ZVVZ GROUP, as a leading European supplier of air pollution control devices, offers the complete supply of separation, dedusting, and desulphurisation equipment. Its production programme also includes the manufacture and supply of fans, electric separators, fabric filters, wind tunnels, nuclear power plant ventilation systems, bulk transport trailers, ISO containers, valves, pressure equipment, and stationary pneumatic conveying systems. Much of the company’s overall output is destined for export through channels including the commercial activities of its subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

KOH-I-NOOR Mladá Vožice specialises in the production of aerosol valves and their accessories. These valves, combined with sprayers, applicators and caps, are used by customers in cosmetics, households, and industry. Over 80% of the company’s total output is currently exported. Primarily exporting to the majority of countries across Europe, it is now expanding to other continents. It has subsidiaries in Poland and Italy.

Flexibau is a successful start-up that makes its PackWall building and interior panels out of recycled drinks cartons.