GES GROUP’s media business includes operations in the television, online and radio markets and also in the fields of production and multimedia services.

GES GROUP broadcasts nationwide through PRIMA, a commercial television group running 10 television channels, including the CNN Prima NEWS platform.

The group’s online presence is overseen by the Prima Online division and its wide-ranging portfolio of websites, such as, Prima Ženy, Prima FRESH, Prima LIVING, Prima Lajk, and the VIDEOPŮJČOVNA on-demand streaming service. Other online activities include HbbTV internet services, mobile apps and a large social-media portfolio.

The MEDIA CLUB commercial agency, drawing on its years of advertising market know-how, currently represents over 40 media outlets in the fields of television and radio broadcasting, internet media, and magazines. One of its arms is Impression Media, a company that commercially represents over 125 internet servers. 

The radio market is covered by RADIO UNITED BROADCASTING, which encompasses the inter-regional radio stations Beat, Country, and Kiss, as well as Signal, Spin, and Rádio1.

Good TV Production specialises in the all-round production of shows for television and online broadcasting.

MEDIA SUPPORT provides multimedia services built around voice services and text messages. runs, the largest gaming portal in the Czech Republic and Slovakia